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  Our services include:

        - Customer Service
Management Development
        - Organizational Development
        - Safety Consulting & Training
Strategic Planning



company overview

It is the vision of Lazaro & Noel to
"Provide Direction"

based on the five principles:



Lazaro & Noel was created to assist organizations in attaining the highest possible level of operational excellence.  We are committed to "Providing Direction" based on integrity, quality, compassion and legitimate expertise.

It is our passion to combine the most successful business practices, honed and tested over time, that enable organizations to deliver efficient, safe and secure services and quality customer service.  We  actively promote a principled-centered organizational atmosphere that encourages high morale and productivity. 

Lazaro & Noel specializes in consulting and training on organizational change  (Focus On Excellence), management development, organizational development, safety, safety reviews and strategic planning.     

Lazaro & Noel, Principals, Michael R. Noel - Patti J. Swartz and  talented team of associates, has provided services to the transportation and community servce industries and federal, state and local agencies and associations  since 1999 throughout the nation. 

Prior to 1999, Michael R. Noel provided technical assistance, training and strategic planning as an independent consultant.  He has combined practical experience as successful high-level managers for over 25 years.  Mr. Noel is proud to have assisted over 300 organizations and 60,000 individuals with innovative organizational consulting and progressive training programs.  Mr. Noel is an energetic trainer and speaker who presents topics with enthusiasm and passion.

Ms. Swartz  provides training, technical skills, technical assistance and management for Lazaro & Noel.  Prior to 1999, she provided training and curriculum development for a variety of subjects.

what we do

Lazaro & Noel has a proven track record of success in providing assistance to many types of organizations throughout the nation with insightful consulting and passionate, pertinent training for the transit, community service industries and federal, state and local agencies and associations.

Lazaro & Noel will

  • provide exceptional expertise and knowledge
  • provide principled service only in the areas of our expertise
  • provide insight
  • provide an entertaining, passionate level of training
  • provide customized services based on the needs, corporate culture and budget of an organization
  • provide sensible, cost-effective solutions
And . . . we are reasonably priced.  We can offer high quality consulting and training services at very affordable rates.  As most services are customized, please contact us for details, or call 814-262-7535.





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