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customer service

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quality customer service

Quality customer service can be your best marketing tool and an essential component of conducting business.  If your customers feel that they are being treated poorly, they will let other potential customers know - at an exponential rate.  That kind of marketing is hard to correct.

The best way to deal poor customer service is prevention - clearly define and train front-line employees on expected behaviors, attitudes and protocols when dealing with customers. 

An organizationís reputation and success will be measured not just by its volume of products and services or its financial bottom line, but perhaps most importantly the quality of its offerings.  This quality commitment is the only way to ensure organizational longevity and acceptance by customer and community as well as retaining political and business support.  This class offers team problem solving and empowerment mechanism, which serves as the perfect tool for any quality development and control effort.

Lazaro & Noel's Quality Customer Service training includes:

  • Principles of Customer Service
  • Your Role in Customer Service
  • Defining Quality Customer Service
  • Satisfying Customer Needs
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Reducing Stress on the Job

passenger assistance training
Assisting passengers who are elderly or disabled safely and with respect is of utmost importance for all operators.  This program covers the operatorís role and responsibilities under the American With Disabilities Act, passenger sensitivity issues, communications, body mechanics, safe use of ramps and wheelchair lifts, proper tie-down procedures, assisting the fail elderly, as well as assisting those with sight, hearing, cognitive and hidden disabilities.

recognizing and removing stress related barriers
Stress can result in a tense working environment, deterioration of health and lessened productivity.  Intended for those who carry a heavy burden of responsibility and work with a demanding base of customers/co-workers, etc., this class will help you become a more productive, more effective transit specialist.  Designed specifically for the busy stressed out transportation professional, you will learn how to identify stress-related problems in yourself and other, and you will acquire valuable tools to manage your stress and improve your workplace performance.

stress management and avoiding conflict
Veteran and new hire operators will find valuable techniques to reduce stress and avoid conflict.  The course provides a variety of models and techniques for understanding how to control yourself first and then avoid conflict with co-workers, customers and the public as well as proven techniques for managing stress in both professional and personal lives.  Emphasis will be placed on the importance of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

All services can be customized to your expectations and needs!

For more details about customer service training, please  contact us for a tailor-made solution.


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