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organizational development
Focus On Excellence

Lazaro & Noel's process for organizational excellence

Are you a leader?

     Are you a manager?    

Are you an employee?

Work takes up  60%, 70%, 80% of your life?

Are you healthy?  happy?  inspired?  fulfilled?

Could it be better?

Could your organization be more productive, more proactive?


Lazaro & Noel's process for organizational development could help you.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Ream Lazaro and Michael R. Noel teamed together in 1999 to develop a process by which organizations can develop a healthy organization, inside and out, while increasing productivity, safe work habits and teamwork.  Focus On Excellence was the result of this teaming and has been implemented throughout the nation with amazing success.  This process provides the roadmap to attain the best you can be.

Lazaro & Noel's organizational development can focus on one or all of the following areas:


The process begins with an assessment, inside and out.  The initial assessment becomes the benchmark.  How is management skill and morale?  How is employee skill and morale?  How is the organization viewed?  How does management view employees?  How do employees view management?  Sometimes simple solutions exist.  Lazaro & Noel knows how to recognize those instances and make changes happen. 


Good management is a skill, leadership is an art.  Are you on top of your craft?  Do you want to be the best at what you do?  Are you sharpening the saw, consistently learning new techniques?  Value based leadership can be enhanced by the principles of Focus On Excellence and the experience of the team of Lazaro & Noel.  Leadership is existent within management and employees.  Some skills are innate, some are learned.  You can learn more.


Do you have a team culture?  Can you solve problems with teams?  Do your teams work well together?  This methodology encourages team problem solving, while recognizing individual differences within the teams and encourage developing realistic, practical solutions, which can become the reality for the organization.


Do you have a comprehensive training program within your organization?  Are your policies and procedures supportive of creating excellence within the front-line?  Do you emphasize values and teams?  Is management committed?  Are your employees committed?  Are your job descriptions up-to-date?   Is there employee buy-in, vesture of the organization?  Do you use coaching, counseling and positive discipline?  Do you evaluate, reward, celebrate good or sub-par performance?  Lazaro & Noel can help decipher the differences . 


Do you have a mission with buy-in from management and employees?  Do you have long range and short term goals and objective?  Does your organization have accountability?  Do you monitor progress and learn from failure and celebrate success? 


Are your employees or members of management smiling when they answer the telephone?  What are customer and community service needs?  What is your financial picture?  Have you developed a "brand" and marketing strategy?  Are you monitoring your progress? 

All services can be customized to your expectations and needs!

For more details about organizational development, please  contact us for a tailor-made solution.


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