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strategic planning                                                                      

   - creating mission vision, values
   - roles and responsibilities of board members

Does your organization need . . .

  • direction?
  • a well thought out mission that reflects & guides its purpose for being?
  • a vision for the future?
  • goals (long & short term) that reflect your mission & vision?
  • a plan of action?
  • Does your organization review and revise its mission, vision, goals and plan of action to meet changing conditions, or are they put on a shelf to gather dust?

Lazaro & Noel has extensive experience and tools to facilitate this process in a thought-provoking, yet entertaining manner and provide your organization with doable, dynamic road map for action.  The strategic planning process could take place in conjunction with a Board Retreat, a Staff Retreat or a Management Retreat and could be combined with training, such as Roles & Responsibilities of Board Members, management or staff enrichment.

creating mission, vision, values
Mission, Vision and Values are so much more than words printed on a piece of paper.  Properly created, they will the guiding light of the organization and influence future strategic plans and decisions of the organization.  This course defines and emphasizes how to ideally formulate mission, vision and values and how to elicit employee buy-in and implement them in the daily operations of an organization, including developing policies, procedures, performance codes and evaluation techniques.

roles and responsibilities for board members
This course expands and defines the role for non-profit board member as outlined by the National Center for Non-profit Boards.  Guidelines and examples are enhanced by practical knowledge and participatory exercises.  Mr. Noel has been a member of several non-profit boards, including a local transit system, for approximately 10 years.

All services can be customized to your expectations and needs!

For more details about strategic planning, please  contact us for a tailor-made solution. 


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